Mobile Library

Mobile Library for Brazilian Homeless…by Bike!

The ‘Bicicloteca’ (the name is a fusion of the Portuguese words for ‘bicycle’ and ‘library’) lends books to people who don’t have access to libraries. This is the brainchild of 61-year old Mendonça, a former construction worker who spent a decade living homeless on the streets.




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  • August 30, 2012
Garden Wheel - polished refurbished wheel with inlaid ceramic tiles.  The proud owner of this one has it hanging in their garden with some tea-light holders that had struggled to find a good home!  Wheel Chandelier inc chains - £20+ P&P

We’re Upcycling…

Happily, for the less energetic amongst us, this has nothing to do with peddling up a hill.

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  • June 25, 2012

Cycling safely

Delighted to see the various campaigns for safer cycling – The Times, Telegraph, Evening Standard…here’s another fun idea for safer cycling – well done to The Design Taxi for coming up with this… 




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  • February 9, 2012
Daf emerges from the sea

It’s all about the BMX

Last weekend we headed off to Llanfairfechan to let off some steam.

Daf and Jim decided to race a BMX bike down the jetty – just to see if they could!  Don’t try this at home…it was soggy and silly…it also took a long time to wash the salt off the bike!

Nicky decided to head off to the BMX 2012 test event and leave it to the professionals….

Jim appears to have lost the BMX bike…perhaps Captain Cliff can help?

First one in, Daf sets the pace for the race

Leaving it to the professionals…2012 Supercross Track






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  • August 30, 2011
Click on the image for a video guide...

Ditch the lycra

A lazy morning listening to ‘Excess Baggage’ on Radio 4 has been inspiring.  Matt Carroll’s new book ‘Escape Routes’ details cycle routes that take in great pubs, B&B’s and countryside – now that’s what I call cycling.

He admits he was a lycra clad, velcro booted speedster who, when he had to stop to look at a map one day, took a moment to look at his cycling companions getting angry with the delay and thought – hang on, we’re speeding through a very pretty place…I want to stop for a pint.

So – he hung up the lycra, swapped into some sensible shoes and mapped out some lovely bike rides.  Let’s hope he heads to Wales for the follow up book…

Unless we can do our own version via this site?   Leave suggestions for lovely rides below and we’ll feature them.  

Click on the image for a video guide…

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  • June 25, 2011
The Catalan Boris Bikes - or Ken's Kommuters (depending on your politics)

Bikes in the City

The summer is here (or so they say) and we’ve been off to London and Barcelona checking out the bikes – of course!

Do you have any photos of great bike schemes and routes?  Leave a message below, email us a picture – let’s show how easy it is to get peddlin’

So – what is Catalan for Boris Bike?

The Catalan Boris Bikes – or Ken's Kommuters (depending on your politics)

12 miles of very pretty cycle path from Croydon to Wandsworth in London

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  • June 25, 2011

Bike Art…

Nissan funded this sculpture in California… (click on the photo to read more)

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  • May 1, 2011
Spread the word

Lledaenwch y gair…


Spread the word…

Please drop by now and again for news of new events, bikes for sale, volunteering and mentoring opportunities…or follow our updates via facebook and twitter…the choice is yours!

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  • May 1, 2011
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